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What is a kolache?


A soft sweet yeasty dough enriched with  milk, butter and eggs. After the dough rises a few times, it's filled with a variety of savory or sweet fillings then baked to a nice golden beautiful bun! We make the fillings in house when and where we can and are proud of supporting our local favorites. Our kolache vary weekly and we always have a few savory, sweet, and breafast-y to choose from!

Fun Facts!


Pronounced "kO-lAH-chee" by Texans. These special little buns were first introduced to Texas by Czech immigrants who settled in the Lone Star State as far back as the 1800s.  The original kolaches were traditionally sweet and open faced, with fillings such as poppyseed, apricot and prune. BUT over time, with influences from different cultures that also made Texas their home, the savory varieties that inspired our Happy Sparrow kolaches was born!  It is our honor to share the history of the kolache and pay special homage to its Czech roots.  It isn't often that you get to learn something new about a food you have always loved!  We always thought they were an American treat that was found all across the nation.  Little did we know just how truly special and exclusive they were.  Only those parts of the country that were touched by the Czech heritage were lucky enough to know about this wonderful little bun! 

Our Artisan Kolaches

We take great pride in the love & dedication that goes into each one of our kolaches.  We always start from scratch using wholesome local and whenever possible organic ingredients.  Baking in small  batches helps us focus on quality versus quantity, allowing us to give loving care to each and every single kolache... making them the happy-est kolaches around!  We love them and hope you do too!    

The Happy Sparrows


Welcome!  First off, we would like to thank you for visiting our website and for giving us the opportunity to share a little of ourselves.  The Happy Sparrow was founded by two adventure seekers who, with open hearts, hopeful dreams, a lot of love for nature, people, good food, and a deep reliance on God's love jumped in heart first to create something based on community and wholesome goodness.  Their vision was to create a space for love to prosper.  A place where friends and family could gather and connect and share life.    

In 2023, looking to move back to Texas, the founders put the Happy Sparrow up for sale and started their search for a buyer.  At the beginning of 2024, the cafe was purchased by a woman with a 20-year-old dream of owning a coffee shop, a bit of wild hair, a desire to see a neighborhood business stay around, and a willingness to figure it out through the ups and downs. And so the journey begins with a pretty simple mission - be the spark of lightness and enjoyment for our customers and our team.  There's enough dullness in the world; here, we create our own sunshine.


Why does it say Blitz Cafes? It's pretty simple: I needed a business name, and Blitz Cafe was my 20-year dream (though the name didn't materialize until 8 years ago). Blitz Cafes is a homage to my soul dog, Blitzen. She was the happiest, up-for-anything, adventure-loving dog who was just happy to be with you, and she brought her joy everywhere she went. It's an everyday reminder of the good in the world and to have joy in what I do.

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